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Browning. For those in the know.

The world of firearms is like the art world: the success of creators depends on the interest of well informed amateurs.

In 1897, it was one of the directors of the Fabrique Nationale (National Weapons Factory) at Herstal in Belgium, who noticed a 7.65 Browning pistol incorporating a new locking mechanism. He saw the appeal straightaway and the FN obtained the manufacturing license.
John Moses Browning, founder of the Browning® trademark, worked closely with the FN Herstal in Belgium since 1901.

The inventor of the semi-automatic shotgun, Over-and-Under shotgun, semi automatic rifle, and most recently, an Over-and-Under gun with the lowest action frame and fastest firing system on the market, has left its mark on the history of gun-making with a wide array of models, all different, but with one thing in common– their reliability and their unparalleled levels of performance. Every day, throughout the world, Browning guns, old or new, smooth-bore or rifled, perform on the range or for on the hunting field, providing great pleasure for their owners.

Hunters, sport shooters and collectors can find in these fascinating items a pleasure that is renewed endlessly. Among makes of weapons, just as with makes of watches or cars, there are some whose history is part of the reputation of the entire industry. Browning, for example. Collaboration between the Belgian manufacturer and the inventor was uninterrupted until his death in 1926, but has continued between the two companies ever since. Millions, even tens of millions of shotguns and rifles for hunting or sport shooting have been created and manufactured by Browning.

The Winchester company was also taken over by the FN Herstal in 1981. The two brands are now made under the same roof on the banks of the River Meuse.